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Three Things To Consider When Getting A Tattoo

Posted on July 23 2013

Across history, the art of tattooing has been regarded in different cultures as a mark of religion, race, fashion, personalization, freedom of expression, and various other good as well as bad associations. However, choosing a fashionable tattoo that is relevant to you as a person that reflects your ideas and feelings can be a challenge. Body art is appreciated by both genders and is not only considered to be guys stuff. In fact the majority of people that have tattoos under the age of 30 are women. Here are three things to consider when getting a tattoo.

1. Think it Through

Thinking through a tattoo design is important before getting a tattoo done. There might be a design which you love at first glance but change your mind about later. Wait for a sufficient period of time after selecting a personal tattoo design so that you are sure it’s something you want on your body forever. It will be really hard to change your mind after getting inked so make sure you think before you ink. To eliminate this risk it is always essential to spend a reasonable amount of time thinking about the design that you have chosen or worked out with your tattoo artist. It’s not a bad idea to run it by friends or family members you trust who will give you honest advice.

Tattoo Artist Sketch


2. Look for the Right Design

It is important to take a sufficient amount of time to select your tattoo design and once chosen, to think it through. A tattoo is a permanent engraving on your body. The goal of any tattoo is to express something you want to and as such a tattoo should not be copied from anywhere. It is best to design the tattoo yourself or to choose from designs that are really close to your heart and depict your beliefs. Browsing flip boards for tattoo designs isn’t a great idea because those are tattoos that other people have already gotten and as such are not new or original. Although flip boards can sometimes be the source of inspiration for a new idea. Inspiration for a tattoo can be found in many places so keep an open mind. It might be possible that you would not get any new designs that could hold some meaning for yourself. In this case, you may want to research different styles of tattoos adopted in different countries of the world. Just as an example, the bamboo tattoo is a traditional form of tattoo used in Thailand in which bamboo sticks are used to ink shapes on your skin. In order to get knowledge about tattoos in Thailand, you can find websites like You could look for different traditional methods for their unique styles and shapes, which could assist you in getting more ideas for the selection of an appropriate design.

Tattooing In Progress


3. Find the Right Tattoo Artist

There are lots of different tattoo shops out there with numerous tattoo artists working in them. This means it takes a while to find the right artist for you. To ensure you get a quality tattoo it is important to get it done from a well respected and reputable tattoo artist. Since there are several health risks involved with getting a tattoo done if you end up in a sub-standard studio, it is important that your tattoo artist maintains a clean studio and follows all the necessary sanitary measures for safe tattooing procedure. You should make sure the artist understands exactly what you want. Many experienced artists are capable of tattooing various styles and designs but you should always discuss your preferences in detail so that the artist is clear about the final tattoo design you want.

Girl with Tattoo


There are people who think that since tattooing involves some amount of physical pain, it is primarily considered to be guys stuff. However, this is not true and getting tattooed has remained equally popular among both men as well as women. Designs may vary from powerful personal messages to flowers and fairies but the ancient art of tattooing remains the same by using the ultimate canvas… your body.

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