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Tat2X Customer Reviews for Ink Armor Sleeves

Many employers don't allow tattoos at work. There are millions of people with ink out there that deserve to be able to express themselves without the fear of being judged. Tat2X is dedicated to helping people protect their ink from the sun and their boss. Here's a small sample of what our customers have shared with us about our Ink Armor sleeves...

Also be sure to visit our Ink Armor Customer Wall of Fame and see real pics sent to us by our fantastic fans!

Ohio Police Officer Wearing Ink Armor Cover Sleeve Pennsylvania UPS Driver Wearing Ink Armor Leg Sleeves Colorado Administrator Wearing Ink Armor Half Arm Sleeve California Fire Fighter Wearing Ink Armor Cover Sleeve Arizona Nurse Wearing Ink Armor Tattoo Cover Up



"I work as a nurse and realize that tattoos are not acceptable to all age groups. In respect to my patients I decided I would cover up my skin art. I looked all over the web and came across this product. I have owned my half sleeves for over 9 months and they are holding up great. These sleeves never slip down my arm, even on 12 hour shifts. I highly recommend these to anyone in the health care industry who is looking for a comfortable option to cover their tats."
Nurse, Georgia

"I love this! It covers my ink on my arm, stays in place and does not make me hot. I work in the medical field and take care of the elderly. Most people are okay with my tat however some do not want to see it. Until I found this I was sweating my butt off because I had to wear a long sleeve shirt under my scrubs!"
Caretaker, Pennsylvania

"I use the half sleeve to cover my tattoos at work. I am a nurse and use mine at work. It is comfortable to wear throughout my whole shift no matter what I'm doing. I have recommended this product to others."
Nurse, California

"I wear my Ink Armor at work all day and it is so comfortable you forget all about it, really love it, many thanks!"
Medical Secretary, Australia

"I am a nursing student who spends a lot of time in clinical settings where visible tattoos are strictly forbidden. This hides my half sleeve tattoo completely under my scrubs and looks like an under shirt. Without this product I had to wear a long sleeve shirt all day and would sweat my butt off. Now I am comfortable and look professional. Ink Armor works great!"
Nursing Student, Virginia

"Your product just saved my career! I was just accepted into college for Dental Hygiene, the people in charge of the program are VERY conservative, tattoos are not to be shown and both of my arms have a couple decent sized tattoos. I am so happy I found your site! Thank you for doing what you do!"
Dental Hygienist, Ohio

"No complaints, great price, quality product. It works perfectly and the material is nice and light. I would buy this product again and again!"
X-Ray Technician, Missouri

"My work place policies require all ink to be covered. I work in a hospital as a Phlebotomist and I go in and out of a lot of rooms. It stays in place without constricting circulation, continuing to be comfortable and I hardly notice it's there. I've had mine for a little over 6 months and it's held up very well. I ordered one in black and one in light tan. I just ordered another one just to switch things up a bit and a few for my husband. His workplace is starting a policy requiring him to cover his tattoos as well."
Phlebotomist, Utah

"Awesome product, I need to cover up my tattoos during Medical Asst. classes...Does the trick perfectly. Stays in place all day long!"
Medical Assistant, Wisconsin

"These sleeves are wonderful. I love them. I am a petite woman so finding any clothing apparel that doesn't need adjustment is a miracle. Now I can stay cool in the hospital I work at and reach over head constantly and I never have to pull them up because they stay in place. Plus walking outside in 100 degree weather is much more tolerable."
X-ray Technician, Lexington, Kentucky



"I am a police officer and the full sleeve cover does a great job covering my tattoos. I put it on and don't have to do anything to it until I take it off at the end of my shift. It is rugged and has held up well to constant abuse. I bought an extra as a backup but I have not had to use it yet."
Police Officer, Tennessee

"I am going through the Police Academy and have to keep my tattoos covered. This product works great and keeps me from having to wear long sleeve shirts in the heat. Ink Armor also works well with my skin color and is made out of great material. The seams have a rubber like material on them so they will not scratch your arm or annoy you. I have recommended this product to everyone in my class that needs to cover up tattoos. Five out of five stars!"
Police Academy, Texas

"My law enforcement agency requires tattoos to be covered. Here in Texas, that can get hot in the summer with long sleeves. Ink Armor is amazing and I recommend it to any and all persons needing to cover tattoos for work. It took my Chief and some of my coworkers a few days to even realize I was wearing them... And they have seen my tats... How do you miss the fact that tattoos are all the sudden gone? Because of this great product, that's how. Absolutely amazing!!!"
Police Officer, Texas

"I work in Public Safety and the arm sleeve that I purchased is very comfortable and 'professional-looking.' As much as I dislike covering my ink, I understand the vocational need in our culture while on duty. I have already recommended Tat2X to my colleagues."
Firefighter, California

"I work as an EMT/Firefighter in south Georgia and have to cover up my sleeves on my EMS job. I have two light, two navy, and two black. The light matches my skin tone, the navy matches the fire uniform, and the black matches the EMS uniform. Beats the hell out of wearing long sleeves in this Georgia heat and humidity! These things don't sweat, they stay up even over a 24 hour shift, they're fairly discreet and low-key and most importantly they keep my boss happy. Most important piece of gear I wear all day."
EMT/Firefighter, Georgia

"I needed something to cover my half sleeves for work (Police Officer) but would be comfortable and not have to be readjusted throughout my shift. These were perfect and I could not ask for a more professional product and company. Thank you. I will be ordering an additional pair immediately."
Police Officer, Pensacola, Florida

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"I have NEVER received better customer service than I did from Tat2X, and I've abused Amazon's generosity quite a bit. I needed an Ink Armor sleeve in Korea and you literally can't find them here. Unfortunately, they weren't shipping to South Korea. I emailed them, and within one day they changed their website to allow shipping to ROK. How cool is that? I mean, I only ordered two. They definitely went above and beyond. Plus the products are comfortable and stylish, and the muggy Summers here would be terrible if I had to wear long sleeve shirts. Thanks so much!"
Army, South Korea

"Finally replacing the one I've been wearing for over 3 years!! They are amazing!"
Navy, California



"I absolutely love the full sleeve. I work in a very fast paced busy grocery store that requires a lot of physically demanding work. They used to make me wear thick sweatshirts to cover my tattoos and that would be terrible (especially on hot days!) Sometimes I forget I even have it on it's that comfortable! My district manager said he's going to recommend this product to all his employees with tattoos. Thank you Tat2X!"
Cashier, Illinois

"This product is exactly as advertised. 100% satisfied! I have two colors and will soon be ordering more. Ink Armor is very durable and comfortable. I wear them at work to cover up my tattoos and everywhere I go. Very comfortable in summer as well. Thanks for a superior product at a fair price!!!"
Retail Sales, Florida

"This was my first time buying a product to cover up a tattoo. My other tattoos are hidden, but my recent one is on my arm and I work for a company that does not allow tattoos to be shown. I would never want my job to interfere with me getting a piece of meaningful artwork and these sleeves allow me to be who I am but also keep my job (best of both worlds). The fit is great. I have very small wrists/forearms and the XS/S size fits perfectly. The light color looks good against my fair complexion. They are also very comfortable, as I was worried about the material irritating my skin but that is not the case at all. Also, they do not slide down my arm so I am not having to constantly worry about pulling it up. I would highly encourage people to purchase this product."
Customer Service Representative, Colorado

"These Ink Armor sleeves are exactly what I needed for my job so that I don't have to wear long sleeves while on the clock. I love my tattoos and now thanks to Ink Armor cover ups, my life will be easier!"
Sales Associate, Virginia



"This product is great! I purchased a couple of them to cover my forearm tattoo for an EMS job. No one seems to notice until they are with me for a very long period of time. Everyone who has tattoos asks about it and I recommend it to them every time! This product is a wonderful alternative to wearing long sleeves in the summer heat."
EMS Technician, North Carolina



"I purchased your sleeves with not so great expectations in mind. I have purchased others and either they continually fall down, they are hot as hell to wear or they don't look anywhere near my skin tone. Imagine my delight when I first put one on and discovered they were none of the above. I work as an assistant coordinator for a well known University, and my job requires me to be around Ph. D's all day long and also having to suit up in protective gear when inspecting the labs (extremely hot). No one has noticed at all, as matter of fact I saw one of my fellow workers on the train and he was shocked that he had never been able to tell that I had a full sleeve. I purchased your full sleeve and the 3/4 length sleeve and couldn't be any happier with your product. Thank you for allowing me to wear short sleeves again in the workplace."
Assistant Coordinator, Pennsylvania

"I am so glad I found this site. I am a school teacher, and it is important to me to cover my ink at work. I have tried to find sleeves at other sites, and they all have logos on the products; since I wear semi-professional attire, it is tacky to have a bright logo on my arm. I am very excited to try out my sleeves and ankle covers. The site was easy to navigate, and it was clear how to choose sizing options. Thanks again."
Teacher, Texas

"I recently applied and was hired for several camp counselor jobs, all require that I cover my tattoo, I've been wracking my brain for how to do that without it being super obvious to the campers that I was hiding something (bandaids, makeup etc). I found Tat2x and even found Ink Armor sleeves (in camp colors!) and bought four. I'm super excited and really pleased, I will be coming back to Tat2X once I decide which camp to have sleeves for every day of the week and camp occasion. Really, a great job saver!"
Camp Counselor, Florida

"I am an educator at an outdoor facility...IN TEXAS. it gets 100+ degrees here almost everyday. Wearing a long sleeved shirt underneath a shortsleeved shirt was insanely hot. Finding this product was a live saver! It's cooler, it stays put, and is well made. Thanks again!"
Educator, Dallas, Texas



"LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this product! I work at a hotel and have to look very prim and proper and definitely cannot show any tattoos and I have three visible tattoos, and the products at TAT2X are amazing and PERFECT! I was buying band-aids and spending so much money per week to cover all my tattoos. TAT2X saved me so much money! I WILL recommend it to others!"
Hotel Desk Clerk, California

"I have received the arm sleeves that I ordered and they are great! I would like to say that this product is very often asked about by others where I live and seems like there are many interests here. I live in Hawaii and currently work in luxury hotels which I have to hide my visible tattoos, and believe it or not I have a lot of people including guests that ask about these cover up sleeves! They are very professional looking and a great way to cover tattoos, thank you again!!!"
Bell Captain, Hawaii



"I love Ink Armor. I have tried other sleeves and they are no-where near as comfortable. I am allergic to almost everything, the material used for Ink Armor is breathable and allows my tats to heal while being protected from the sun or other elements, and DOESN'T irritate my skin. I use my Ink Armor to cover my tats at work, Ink Armor would protect my tats from grease splatter burns, and quick oven rack touches that would scar in and around my tat area. When I take them off I just throw them in the washer, I let mine air dry, and no stains, I LOVE IT. In the summer I'm constantly in the sun, other sleeves have allowed the sun to penetrate, and fade my tats, NOT Ink Armor. When you slide them up your arm they STAY, no uncomfortable adjusting all day to keep them on. I honestly bought Ink Armor expecting to have a lot of the same problems as before, but I was pleasantly surprised. I recommend these to anyone."
Chef, North Carolina

"I ordered this to cover my arm tattoos while working in a restaurant kitchen, and this product has exceeded expectations. The size was exactly what the specs said they would be and fit comfy as can be. As a matter of fact, while working in front of a wood burning stove that reaches almost 750 degrees at times, my arms are the coolest thing on my body, which everyone around me finds incredible. I love them so much I plan on getting multiple colors and lengths in the future."
Cook, Virginia

"This company really ROCKS!!! I just love the product. I am a professional Chef, and I have bought a lot of the 9 inch Tat covers, and I can't say enough how well they work...Keep up the good work guy's, we need a company like this for Tattooed guys like me..."
Chef, Rhode Island

"Ink Armor sleeves are awesome, thanks for providing something I can wear in a hot kitchen all day that doesn't make me grumpy!!"
Sous Chef, California

"I work in a restaurant in Virginia where the humidity is absolutely unbearable. I am constantly outside, in the sun, sweating to death. These sleeves were a life saver! they actually make my body cooler! Your only regret when buying these is that you didn't buy more. I've tried others and these are by far the best. They don't slide down, they are easy to clean (which is important working with food). I have no idea how I got through previous summers without these. I will absolutely be ordering more."
Waiter, Richmond, Virginia



"I work for the government and I was stuck wearing a heavy long sleeve shirt during the terrible Las Vegas heat. I started looking around at the different types of tattoo cover up sleeves and I have to say I was a little apprehensive about making the purchase but I decided to go for it. It turned out to be the best thing ever! I see some other people at work with another brand of sleeve and I am so happy with mine! Even they are coming up to me asking where I got mine from. I could not be any happier with this product! Please if you're thinking about going with another brand don't! It doesn't get any better than this!"
Government Employee, Nevada

"The last time I ordered these sleeves was almost 2 years ago, I wore my sleeves 4 days a week for the entire time at work and only now do they have holes in them. They last longer than my work boots! Fantastic product!"
Government Contractor, Arizona

"SO much better than the other brands out there!! Thank you so much, Ink Armor has saved my career!"
Park Ranger, South Carolina

"I bought 2 forearm sleeves to cover about 6 different tattoos on both arms. I work in schools everyday, as a photographer for the school district. I can NOT show my tattoos. I always get super jealous when I see the students, Staff and parents with tattoos (uncovered). Maybe one day! Meanwhile, the sleeves are comfy and BREATHABLE! definitely beats wearing a jacket in a hot school. Also, u can come up with the best stories of why you are wearing them. My favorite to say, a shark attack. Makes a 7 year old's face priceless! I would recommend Ink Armor sleeves to anyone looking for a comfy cover up!"
District Photographer, Cincinnati, Ohio



"I wear Ink Armor sleeves for 24hrs at a time....and they are way better and cooler than a long sleeve shirt! "
Delivery Specialist, Kansas

"The brown sleeve totally matches my uniform and it keeps my arms cool. We at the brotherhood of brown appreciate that!"
Delivery Driver, Tennessee

"Received my full arm sleeve cover in the mail today, 1 week and 1 day after ordering! This is amazing considering I'm in Australia and can't even get things from my own country delivered in that time-frame. Looking forward to not sweating my butt off with long sleeves under my work shirt everyday, great product, thanks!"
Logistics, Australia



"I just purchased a white set of 3/4 sleeves and used them on a 1,500 mile bike trip. The weather was sunny and hot throughout the trip. I used the sleeves while riding and they actually made my arms feel cool by blocking the sun and allowing air flow to reach my skin. This is an excellent product!"
Cyclist, Illinois

"I am self-conscious about my tattoos on both upper arms and wear the Tat2X sleeves under a short sleeved yoga uniform while working out. Before I discovered this product I used a makeshift sleeve that I continually had to pull down to cover the my tattoos. This is no longer a problem. Also, the sleeves are comfortable to wear. I highly recommend this outstanding product."
Yoga Instructor, Nevada

"I'm a distance runner and this is the perfect way to protect my skin during long training runs. I'm in the middle of laser tattoo removal treatments on my upper arm and am not allowed to get ANY sun on the treated area. It was a real pain to have to carry sunscreen and stop constantly to reapply it -- but now I just put this little sleeve on and go! It stays in position no matter how sweaty I get and it's very lightweight and breathable. Washes & dries quickly (I hand wash it along with my running gear). If you're an athlete and outside a lot, you will love this product."
Distance Runner, Vancouver, BC

"I purchased several Ink Armor sleeves in the past and they have held up for about 3 years now. Great product. Thanks!"
Fitness Instructor, New Jersey


Also be sure to visit our Ink Armor Customer Wall of Fame and see real pics sent to us by our fantastic fans!