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Laser Tattoo Removal: How It Works

Posted on August 20 2014

Tattoo Studio


Cosmetic laser for tattoo removal is becoming increasingly popular for people who want to have their tattoos removed. The growth of this process has emerged from the increase in people getting tattoos and the popularity of body art throughout the world. With tattoos becoming more socially acceptable some individuals are making rash decisions and getting the first tattoo they see on any part of their body. Others are getting boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s names tattooed onto their skin, only to split up with them at a later date. As well as this laser technology has improved drastically and has proven to be a successful method for removing tattoo ink. If you would like to learn more you can check out these Tattoo removal results here.

Laser tattoo removal works by sending a laser light through the skin’s surface to break up the ink and reduce it into tiny particles. Once the particles are small enough the body is able to remove them via its own natural immune system. It can take several sessions to remove even a small tattoo and the ease of removal depends on where it is located. However, thanks to the advancement in technology in today’s society, there are newer treatments available such as PicoSure that are designed so that you would require fewer sessions and encounter greater results – you can view the Picosure tattoo removal procedure here.

The process of most laser tattoo removals can be quite painful and many describe the removal of a tattoo to be more painful than getting one was in the first place. There are however ways of easing the pain such as applying a local anaesthetic cream. Although painful the side effects are minimal, some experience lightening or darkening of the skin, but this should return to normal within 6 months. Other side effects include blistering, and sensitive skin.

Black is the Easiest Color to Remove


How effective the removal of a tattoo is depends on the type of tattoo you have and your skin type. Black tattoos are the easiest to remove as they have an absorption spectra that meets the spectra of the laser. This means the light is absorbed fully and the tattoo is broken down with ease. Colours such as red, green and yellow however are more difficult to remove as their absorption spectra sits outside of or on the edge of the laser light spectrum. Other ink colours such as pastel shades contain large amounts of titanium dioxide. This is very reflective also making a tattoo with these colors difficult to remove. You will find that black and dark blue ink is usually completely removed and there is no or very little trace of the tattoo ever being there. The lighter coloured inks tend to fade but they can still be seen. It will eventually however become faded enough for you to get a tattoo cover up if that is the route you want to take.

Laser Tattoo Removal


Tattoo removal can be an expensive procedure to have done, particularly when a large number of sessions are required. Depending on the size and area of the tattoo you can pay anything between $40 (£25) and $250 (£150) for a single session. For a group booking of 6 sessions you could find yourself spending between $200 (£125) and $1,245 (£750).

If laser tattoo removal is for you it is important to make sure that you find yourself a reputable dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon. This will ensure that you receive the correct care and treatment to give you the best results possible from your laser tattoo removal sessions. There are many tattoo removal services around the globe, so if you are looking for tattoo removal in Sydney or more local to you, it is quite easy for you to find them. Just remember, that tattoos are a beautiful form of self expression on the ultimate canvas… your skin. However, no one should ever rush into a tattoo… always think before you ink!

About the Author of “Laser Tattoo Removal: How it Works”: Emma Clark is a keen writer who is extremely interested in tattoos and piercings. She currently writes for Barber Northstar, suppliers of tattoo ink (encre Intenze) and tattoo shop furniture.

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