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Tat2X Interview with Model, Designer & Photographer Shelly d’Inferno

Posted on January 26 2017

Shelly d'Inferno Alt Model InterviewTat2X: How long have you been involved in modeling?

Shelly d’Inferno: I’ve been modeling since the age of 13. I grew up taking photos for friends as a hobby, doing each others styling, hair & makeup. As I grew older we started shooting in more different styles. I invested in my first professional camera and when I moved to London in 2009 I started modeling for other photographers. It slowly moved onto being one of my careers!

Tat2X: What made you decide to become a model?

Shelly d’Inferno: My passion for becoming different characters, the passion for beautiful images and the outcome of teamwork and effort. A well shot photograph tells many stories to different people and I always loved the artistic views on modeling, not as much the attention of being “a model”.

Tat2X: Tell us about your best experience as a model?

Shelly d’Inferno: I remember I used to have a subscription of Bizarre Magazine, I used to adore the subjects, shoots and everything about that magazine. In 2013 I ended up having a cover feature for Bizarre Magazine and it was a dream come true, it’s still to this day one of my favorite features! I always tell myself to remember and think about where I was when I started and how amazing it is that I can do what I do today!

Interview with Alt Model Shelly d'Inferno

Tat2X: Tell us about your worst experience as a model?

Shelly d’Inferno: I guess what I don’t like is the shallowness that comes with the industry. As much as it is about art there is also a lot of hate, judging and pressure on looks. It’s easy to get swept away in it, but I deal with it very well and most of it doesn’t get to me.

Model and Photographer Shelly d'InfernoTat2X: What’s your favorite tattoo style?

Shelly d’Inferno: I stick to black and grey tattoos, I have a large mix of styles because as a person I just enjoy too many different styles both with tattoos and photography, I can never stick to one style! However I do love the mandala and oriental style pattern tattoos, I don’t have much of it but I always thought if I could have another body, I would dedicate it to that one specific style.

Tat2X: Are there any artists or people in your life that inspire you?

Shelly d’Inferno: Wow, too many! I don’t source my inspiration from few things, it kind of just comes from everything and everyone. If I see something I like, I’ll store it in my head archive and bring it out in my own way sometimes. Everything I hear and see brings me inspiration and sometimes you only need one thing, and sometimes you create from many smaller things.

Tat2X: Do you have a favorite tattoo on your body?

Shelly d’Inferno: It changes everyday, I like so many of them! At the moment I’m super excited to be tattooing my leg piece with artist Jorge Becerra at Carpe Somnium in Ipswich (UK). It’s gonna be a leg full of symbols, patterns and all over Alchemic art style stuff. We are puzzling it together piece by piece.

Shelly d'Inferno Tat2X InterviewTat2X: Do you plan to get any more tattoos?

Shelly d’Inferno: Absolutely! I don’t think I’ll stop until I am mostly covered with tattoos. I am planning to start a wolf and a raven on my back as they are my two favorite animals.

Tat2X: Where did you grow up?

Shelly d’Inferno: I grew up in Stockholm Sweden with mostly my Mum and my sister, to this day my Mum remains my best friend. I then moved to London in 2009 to be an Au Pair!

Tat2X: What kind of music do you like to listen to… be honest?

Shelly d’Inferno: Sooo many different styles here too… I like most things old, 80’s and 90’s rock & new wave. Even the more poppy 80’s stuff like Bronski Beat. I should’ve been born earlier so I could experience it more!

Tat2X: What are your favorite foods?

Shelly d’Inferno: I’ve been vegetarian all my life and went vegan January 2016! I always loved Chinese food, and Indian. So any good veggie options!

Tat2X: What do you do to relax when you’re not working?

Shelly d’Inferno: Work… There is no relaxing for me unless I am doing something to tick off my to-do list. But for example sewing and editing photos is very relaxing to me. I like to put on some chill out music like Leonard Cohen or Enigma and just sit in peace and create something.

Tat2X: Is there anything else we should know about you?

Shelly d’Inferno: If you would like to have a closer look at what I do you can always visit my website for a collection of my best work.

Shelly d'Inferno in Black Latex

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