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The Hazards of Getting a Tattoo While Traveling

Posted on December 13 2012

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Travel can bring out your impulsive side and make you consider doing things you don’t normally do, like getting a tattoo to commemorate your adventure. Before you join the bandwagon of tattooed travelers, here are some of the hazards of getting a tattoo (while traveling), which could make you reconsider getting a tattoo abroad. If you are travelling using an rv rental Tampa around the United States then you should fine, but across the border might be a risk.

Drinks and Tattoos–a Toxic Mix

Vacations are always a great excuse to get drunk. Believe me when I say I spent half the time we were at one of the stunning grand cayman villas heavily intoxicated! But getting a tattoo while you’re intoxicated might not be the best idea. Although alcohol may give you the courage to go under the needle, you have to be lucid enough to make this decision. If you’re too wasted when you get your holiday souvenir, there’s big chance you’ll wake up regretting the atrocity stamped permanently on any random part of your body.

Infectious Possibilities

Getting a tattoo in an exotic location like Thailand or Bali may be cheaper but the risk of getting infection is also higher. In the U.S., there are laws governing tattoo parlors but sometimes, these aren’t strictly implemented. If a New York tattoo parlor was found out to be using unsanitary ink, then how much more for tattoo parlors found in third world countries? Is a cheap tattoo worth getting a skin infection, or worse, Hepatitis C? If the tattoo place doesn’t look clean, think twice and thrice about getting your body art there. This is all in order to protect your health. It is for the same reason that you should visit to ensure you are completely vaccinated ahead of any trips you have planned.

The Language Barrier

Getting inked with a foreign word or character is a popular choice for those who are not ready to throw caution to the wind and get huge works of art done on their skin. But before you do, make sure you do some research about the meaning of words and characters. Get advice from someone who is well-versed in the language. Alternatively, learn the language before you go through a company like UKLP who will offer you a private tutor. This will ensure you don’t make any silly tattoo mistakes, as well as make your whole experience more enjoyable with easier communication. You don’t want to get a character that means poop on your arm, making your tattoo an adventure you wish you could forget instead of remember.

Getting a permanent souvenir is definitely one of the highlights of a trip. But you don’t need to get a tattoo for every travel destination you have. It’s better to have an established tattoo artist do it and you should have it done without the time constraints of travel. Remember, tattoos are forever. Yes, they might be cheaper in another country, but when you’re not happy with how they turn out, keep in mind that tattoo laser removal is both expensive and painful.

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