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The Best Places To Get A Hidden Tattoo

Posted on October 09 2012

Upper Back Tattoo


It’s the tattoo conundrum: You find yourself caught in the momentum of a rising career that demands the utmost level of professionalism, yet you also feel the urge to get a tattoo before you get too old. You shouldn’t feel alone in your situation, considering that the Pew Research Center reported in 2006 that 26% of people ages 18-25 have or have had a tattoo at some point in their lives. If you do have a tattoo that is noticeable and your employer sees it and takes issue, do not worry, you can fight this by looking into resources like MJSB Employment Justice, as well as other legal representation, and see how they can help you with this problem.

However, this dilemma calls for careful consideration. Three questions in particular should come to mind immediately:

1. What career do I want to eventually end up in, and would having a tattoo there be acceptable?

2. What kind of attire do I wear in the professional setting?

3. Would there be any special circumstances at work in which I might have to expose parts of my body not normally shown?

Once these questions have been answered, you can strategically choose the best place to put your new tattoo. Here are four extremely well-hidden places that still give you plenty of room for your body art.

Behind the Ear Tattoo



By lower back, this doesn’t mean the tramp stamp area, rather just slightly above your kidneys. The issue with the lower placement (beyond the obvious cliche) is that body movement is bound to expose your tattoo at some point. Moving it up high avoids exposure during the occasional reach for something on a high shelf.


Perhaps the most scandalous of all areas, the inner thigh is really difficult to reveal, even in shorts. Though the process of getting the tattoo will tickle a bit, and the inner thigh is sensitive, its worth having the ability to hide it in almost every outfit.


The key to this tattoo placement is placing it right between your shoulder blades, where the average low cut shirt wont reveal it. This also helps defeat the issue you encounter with tattoos directly on the shoulder when you decide to go sleeveless.


If you are dying to get one somewhere on or near your head, most people will recommend the back of the neck for ladies. However, a cleverer place to put the tattoo is behind your ear. There it is covered by both your ear and your hair and cuts the chances of someone seeing it in half. But be forewarned, this tattoo hurts about as badly as getting one on your elbow or ribcage.

Though tattoos may be art, their placement is more of a calculated science. So, before you make the decision to garnish your body with a lifelong emblem, make sure you have thoroughly considered the tattoo from all angles.

About the Author of “The Best Places To Get A Hidden Tattoo”:
Stefany Liu is a marketing professional for a clinic that specializes in spa treatments in Houston and has written various articles on skin care and relaxation methods.