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Tattoo Tourism: A Hot New Trend

Posted on August 06 2011

tattoo tourism


Traveling is a way of life for many, while some people enjoy traveling to experience different cultures, to meet new people or to simply escape the monotony of daily routine others are motivated to travel across the world for a completely different reason, tattoos! There is a lot that traveling can offer someone with a myriad of rich cultures to be explored and foods to eat, for example, the warrnambool cafe, so no wonder people get their inspiration for tattoos in these places.

Tattoo tourism is becoming a hot new trend. Many credit Angelina Jolie for drawing attention to this type of tourism as she has visited Thailand twice in order to get tattoo work completed by a master tattoo artist.

If you’re serious about getting ink from one of the world’s best and are not afraid of a little traveling (maybe you want to speak to a luxury travel advisor to get some ideas of where to go) check out our list of highly respected tattoo studios around the globe:

    • Los Angeles, California Mister Cartoon is known as one of LAs best. Hes tattooed the skin of celebs like Justin Timberlake, Dr. Dre, Beyoncé and 50 Cent. If youre looking for a photo-realistic portrait, Kat Von D, known for her reality series LA Ink can be found at High Voltage Tattoo in West Hollywood.
    • New York, New York Invisible Ink is a world renowned studio located in the heart of New Yorks Lower East Side. They specialize in traditional Japanese and American tattooing. Invisible Ink is an appointment only studio.
    • Honolulu, Hawaii Mike Ledger Inc. specializes in traditional Japanese and Polynesian art. Originally from New Yorks Adorned studio he works by appointment only, booking 2-3 months in advance.
    • Bangkok, Thailand Max Tattoo on Khaosarn Road is one of the most renowned tattoo studios in Bangkok. The artists are skilled in an array of different styles including amazing freehand in the style of Shiege, from Yellow Blaze Tattoos in Japan. You’ll walk away with a tattoo that is polished and original.
    • Auckland, New Zealand – Moko Ink is an appointment-only studio run by an artist named Inia Taylor. Iniaspecializes in Ta Moko which is permanent body and face marking by Māori, the indigenous people of New Zealand. Inia was trained by the famous Polynesian tattooist Sua Suluape Paulo and has art directed designs for films such as Once Were Warriors.
    • Barcelona, Spain – Jondix Mahashakti is considered one of the world’s most talented specialists in Buddhist tattoo art. His typical customers are open-minded and spiritual. Jondix does not do color tattoos or anything political or satanic. His waiting list is often up to three months long so plan accordingly.
    • Brighton, England Nine is a famous appointment-only studio forging an atmosphere of creative spirit in the heart of Brighton. Nine can be found between the Full Moon Public House and the Fiddlers Elbow Public House on Boyces Street. Ask for Ade, who creates astoundingly beautiful, intricate artwork.

Since getting inked is a painful process, you don’t want to get hurt in the same place twice as a result of cues or a large crowd. To avoid this, instead of taking regular flights, you can book a private jet for your own convenience. You’d have the entire facility to yourself. Also, if you’re going to these places with your friends, you can have all the conversations you’ve been wanting to have with them alone. That might not be possible with regular flights. You can also split the cost of charting an entire private jet with your friends. And now, if you’re wondering how much does a private jet cost to rent, you can use the Private Jet Charter Cost Estimator to find it out.

Nevertheless, before jumping on to your airplane or private jet, its best to do some research. Its very unlikely youll be able to just wander in from off the streets. Most of these artists are booked up months in advance.

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Nicole Bodem is a freelance writer and a regular contributor to the Tat2X blog.

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