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Tat2X Busts Out With New Patterned Arm Sleeves

Posted on August 19 2012

Fashion Arm Sleeve


Tat2X has helped thousands of people keep their jobs and protect their skin from the sun. Ink Armor cover sleeves enable people to comply with no visible tattoo policies at work and they also block 98% of harmful UV rays. We have been proudly manufacturing Ink Armor cover sleeves in the US for years and there’s no doubt that they function extremely well.

Tat2X has decided to take Ink Armor to the next level with our new fashion arm sleeves that go well beyond just being functional. Not only have we greatly expanded the solid colors we offer to include olive green, brown, red, and Hawaiian blue; but we have also added trending patterns such as grey camouflage, snakeskin, leopard, skulls and our own signature Island Dark. Ink Armor now goes well beyond just covering up your arms with a single skin tone but also lets you set the tone for fashion with seventeen different colors and patterns to choose from. When you add in our four sizes and eleven styles; we have over 500 different arm and leg sleeve options to fit every possible need.

“I originally started Tat2X to help people with ink keep their jobs,” explains Mo Nelson, founder of Tat2X. “Now its gone so far beyond that,” Mo continues. “We have customers that wear our sleeves just for sun protection or to cover scars or even as a shooting sleeve for basketball. We are always striving to do better and we wanted to give our customers even more options with our new fashion arm sleeves.” Mo explains that the new patterned arm sleeves are the direct result of an extensive customer survey that was performed in March of 2012. “We just asked people what they wanted and then worked to give it to them,” says Mo.

Tat2X plans to continue adding new colors and styles as long as our customers want them. The new patterns are already proving to be popular with golfers and cyclists. Ink Armor has always been functional and now with all the new color and pattern additions; Tat2X can legitimately call itself a fashion brand!