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Get Jewelry to Match Your Tattoo

Posted on March 28 2012

Dating back before recorded history, people have used ornaments such as jewelry and permanent markings like tattoos to enhance their appearances and to send messages to their societies. Even today, people buy jewlery from places like Haruni regularly to make themselves look as good as possible. The amazing thing about jewelry (and tattoos for that matter) is that it is personal. Wearing a piece of jewelry such as these hand-finished Necklaces with name pendants is a unique way to let the world know a little bit about who you are and the things you like. In recent times many people use jewelry for many different reasons, from fashion to showing marriage or engagement. No matter what the reason, finding a place where you can get amazing jewelry becomes a wider net, with many jewelry retailers, similar to Jacobs The Jeweller, taking their businesses online.

Bryan Blaha, a master jeweler from Chicago combined his passion for jewelry design and his love for tattoos and started Jewelry My Tattoo, a business that creates jewelry art from your tattoos. That’s right; Bryan and his team will make you a custom piece of jewelry that matches your tattoo! How cool is that?

No matter how simple or intricate, they can make an exact replica of your tattoo using your choice of metals and the option to add color with enamels, gemstones and diamonds. It is always a priority that you buy genuine silver jewelry for yourself, to match the brilliance of your tattoo. They’ve done many styles of tattoos including but not limited to:

  • Tribal Tattoos
  • Celtic Tattoos
  • Religious Tattoos
  • Hawaiian Tattoos
  • Memorial Tattoos
  • And More!

Interested in Getting Some Jewelry Art? For those interested in getting a custom jewelry piece that matches your ink, the cost is pretty reasonable, just $150.00 for a small silver piece. The final price of course is determined by size, design complexity and the metal you choose. You can get a quote of your tattoo design by uploading a picture and filling out the form here.

Be sure to check out the process video on their website along with their before and after pictures. I think you’ll agree that they are some really amazing transformations. What an Awesome service/product for the tattoo community.

I’m totally thinking of getting my Betty Boop tattoo made into a charm necklace. I’ll post back here if I pull the trigger.

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About the Author of “Get Jewelry to Match Your Tattoo”:
Nicole Bodem is freelance writer and a regular contributor to the Tat2X blog.