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Get a Tattoo with a Friend and Create a Lifetime Bond

Posted on April 03 2013

Getting a Tattoo


Friends are forever – and so are tattoos. So, what better way to celebrate your great friendship, than to get a tattoo with one of your best mates so you can always remember them and the experience you had together.

People have many valid reasons for getting a tattoo all of which are legitimate as long as they are thought through carefully because no one should rush into getting inked.

Here are some common reasons people get tattoos together:

    • Preserve a memory with them: a great crazy holiday, or a friend that is no longer in this world.
    • A tribute: if you love someone so much you’d love to keep them with you forever, and they’re still alive.
    • Passions: what do you really love? Is it Star Wars? Doctor Who? Manga? Puppies and babies? Why not express one of these passions on your body?

Now, like everything in this world, there’s good side and a bad side. Some good reasons for getting a tattoo have to do with creating a memory, passions or interests you feel strongly about, and by sharing the experience with a buddy, you’ll be forever close to them and have an awesome story to tell people at the pub or the club.

Yet, if you’re thinking of doing it for one of these reasons, it’s time to think again:

    • I love my boyfriend/girlfriend: Ok, you love them… But realize that, no matter what your heart might say at this moment, the two of you might break up in a few months for any number of reasons. Many people have tattooed their love’s name on their back and end up with a trip to the laser clinic to have it painfully removed for good – and believe me, laser tattoo removal hurts worse than getting a tattoo did in the first place. You should only do this if you’re in a committed relationship.
    • I heart beer: Do not get a tattoo that represents your favorite ‘drug’ of choice – be it beer or cannabis or whatever, that giant Marijuana leaf is not going to look nearly as cool when you’re on a job interview where they might perform drug testing such as an etg test, for example. These types of tattoos are always a bad idea. If you do dearly love your beer that much, you could take your time out and drink to your heart’s content (obviously keeping your health in mind). And for the cannabis part, you can buy glass bongs or any other accessories and smoke your favorite joint along with your friends or alone instead of tattooing it on your body. Additionally, rather than spending money on a tattoo that you may regret in the future, you can use the money to get some cannabis for a good time with your friends. Provided that your state has legalized marijuana for recreational use, you can purchase quality weed online or from other sources.
    • I just want one: If you don’t have a specific reason, purpose or strong motive for getting a tattoo, you’re better off not getting one at all. Tattoos usually represent something, and should have a special meaning or significance for their owners. No one should ever rush into getting a tattoo without thinking long and hard about the design and choosing a tattoo artist you trust.
Getting a Tattoo with a Friend


Before getting inked, keep in mind that not everyone is receptive to or accepting of tattoos and some employers might frown on your visible tattoo or not understand the meaning behind that zombie on your forearm or the thought that went into the star on your neck. Placement is important if you are in a career that is not accepting of ink like law enforcement, public safety, or health care. Choose a place that you can conceal easily when needed. However, if you had decided on a place where it cannot be hidden, you could opt to get it removed by looking up services in your vicinity which could be similar to the laser tattoo removal services in sydney.

Finally, if you need to remove a tattoo it will not only be painful but expensive as well. The golden rule of tattooing is simple… Think Before You Ink!

Tattoos are art, and art is really in the eyes of the beholder – so if you want that tattoo to celebrate those great times with your friend go for it – if you think your bond is strong enough to endure the test of time. Sometimes getting a tattoo with a friend can strengthen that bond.

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“Getting A Tattoo with a Friend” photo credit: MC SimonE via photopin cc