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Considering A Tattoo Should Be A Serious Business

Posted on January 10 2013

considering a tattoo


Tattoos have existed since the beginning of human civilization (3300 B.C.). Today more than 40% of all adults have one and those numbers are expected to rise. Tattoos generally lead to assumptions about a person’s character. “Is he a drug addict? Does he play music for a band? Is he a skinhead?” The lesson I wish to teach others through this article is:

Tattoos are now a typical way of life and are quickly being approved into the community. This was not always the situation. The older generations are disappointed with this concept as they have adverse associations with body art designs, but they are gradually having to cope with this new concept.

The factors for getting body art differ. However, the style itself is what maintains all the significance. Religious concepts are often integrated into the style and allow each person to be able to wear their family heritage with pride. Perhaps an individual has recently discovered a piece of their family past through a site like and now wants something to celebrate it. Why are body art designs so well-known in present society? Most individuals who have body art designs will say that they got them for a particular time or individual in their life that they will never forget. Others say that they don’t really have a particular purpose for getting their body art. For some individuals, body art designs help them feel different from other people.

If your next priority is a tattoo, here is a list of safety guidelines and measures which you should consider before getting a tattoo:

Plan your tattoo:

Tattoos are permanent and you wouldn’t want to get one which you might regret later in life. Before visiting the tattoo studio, make up your mind. Is there a special song’s lyrics that you connect to?, Your favorite artist, who you will worship till your six feet under, or is there a special symbol that caught your eyes.

Do a lot of research and make sure your tattoo signifies what you are. Avoid getting a tattoo which you will be ashamed of later, there is nothing more disappointing than a rushed tattoo which signifies nothing.


Decide where you want your tattoo, people who wish to get a tattoo design on body parts that are impossible to conceal with clothing are making choices about their profession and lifestyle and they know it. Face, hand, and throat tattoo designs are relatively uncommon for this reason.

However depending on your idea you can get inked on your arms, chest, back and other similar locations.

Do a background check:

There are a lot of safety measures you need to consider before getting inked. Ideally, you should do some background work. You could end up getting infected if you work with the wrong artist. But you shouldn’t worry about this. It is common for most studios to select only the best artists for their workplace, and that’s why some even decide to look at how something like these Florida background checks can provide employers with any red flags regarding a candidate’s application before they are hired. This is done so that everyone in the environment, both clients and co-workers, feel safe with the people they are around. So, doing your research beforehand is always a good idea. Go by recommendations from your friends or acquaintances who have had a positive experience. You can also refer to group review resources such as Yelp for reviews. If you can’t find much about them or are interested in finding out a bit more information, then you can simply use a people search site to help you out.

Choosing Tattoos


Artists will provide this information without being asked, body art studios are required by law to simply walk their clients through the facility so you can assess their cleanliness devices and techniques. Regardless, before your artist digs in, you need to be assured that the resources are absolutely secure and fresh for use.

Yes, it hurts:

Depending on its placement, size and complexity the process simulates pain, it’s unlike any other pain. It’s not sharp and it’s not dull either. It’s like a toothpick pricking a small sunburn patch on your skin.

Tattoos that are placed over a thin layer of padding near bones and nerve endings are quite painful. However, places with muscle content are less painful. If you want to prepare yourself for the pain beforehand, you can check out the CBD brand for pain relief online at and see how that can help you. Please check with a doctor first if this is an okay practice to take, and with your tattooist as they are experts in this area.

Leave it alone:

Different artists may advice different measures to help develop the tattoo once its done. My advice would be, to leave it alone. Do not prick or peal the skin as it makes your ink dull. Rub an ointment on it twice a day to avoid an itchy sensation.

About the Author of “Considering a Tattoo Should Be a Serious Business”:
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