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10 Best Celebrity Tattoos in Hollywood

Posted on June 16 2012

Every celebrity seems to have a tattoo these days, but not all of them look good to even the biggest tattoo fan. You could be as famous as Dwayne Johnson, with millions of Instagram followers or the complete opposite where you use app for instagram followers and work a 9-5 job, but still, have tattoos that tattoo fans don’t find appealing. With that being said, as long as the person with the tattoo is happy with it, that’s all that matters. Below are ten examples of some of the best celebrity tattoos in Hollywood. Consider these your reference points when asking your tattoo artist for some quality body art.

Johnny Depp Jack Tattoo


Johnny Depp’s Jack Tattoo

For a while, people assumed Johnny Depp got his now infamous Jack tattoo featuring a swallow flying over a sunset against the water because of his role as Jack Sparrow in the Disney Pirates of the Caribbean films. The real reason is to honor his son, Jack. However, this tattoo is not only a cool way to represent his son, but its also brought even more flair to his already over-the-top pirate character.

Mike Tyson Face Tattoo


Mike Tyson’s Tribal Tattoo

Mike Tyson had this tattoo long before he starred in The Hangover, but the tribal tattoo was so eye-catching that it became a pseudo-logo for the films sequel. Warner Bros. got in trouble for using it without tattoo artist S. Victor Whitmills permission, but his design has surely inspired others to get their own.

Jeremy Shockey Eagle Tattoo


Jeremy Shockeys American-Centric Tattoo

If you love America as much as former New Orleans Saints player Jeremy Shockey, then this tattoo is for you. A huge bald eagle is sprawled across his bicep as the American flag waves in the background. When the Fourth of July rolls around, no fireworks will be required with this colorful and patriotic tattoo in your midst.

Evan Rachel Wood Tattoo


Evan Rachel Woods Swirling Ankle Tattoo

Some people get classic or obvious tattoo designs, but if you’re more of the enigmatic type, then go for something like Evan Rachel Woods mysterious black diamond tattoo. The tattoo complete with intricate swirls was originally made to cover up a botched Beatles design, but the outcome is something that is similar to Wood herself interesting, fashionable, unique and slightly askew.

Dwayne Johnson Tattoos


Dwayne Johnsons Samoan tattoo

Dwayne Johnsons tattoo not only makes a powerful statement, but it also honors his Samoan heritage. Johnson, who wanted a tattoo that told the story of whats important in life strength, protection and loyalty to family, flew to Hawaii to get his tattoo done by a traditional Samoan artist, making this tattoo even more special. Whether or not you have to book a flight, this tattoo is bound to get you noticed.

David Beckham Arm Tattoos


David Beckham Back Tattoos


David Beckhams Arm and Back Tattoos

David Beckham’s intensity for soccer is only matched by his intensity for his family, which is shown through his highly detailed arm tattoos. Along with the guardian angels tattooed on his back, Beckham shows the world hes a committed family man.

Rihanna Back Tattoo


Rihannas Star Trail Tattoo

As of late, Rihannas image has been one of Grace Jones-esque toughness, but she honors her more feminine side with a delicate trail of stars along her back. Its still got the same edginess Rihanna possesses, but provides a much softer slant to the singers overall style. This tattoo is beautiful, and fans seem to agree and love her tattoos by her attention on Instagram. Rihanna has been granted her large following due to her fame in music. You may have a tattoo just like Rihanna’s that you want to show off, but you just don’t have the followers as she does…not to worry, companies like Upleap can help your Instagram account grow. Show it off to the World!

Denise Richards Ankle Tattoo


Denise Richards Fairy Ankle Tattoo

Denise Richards brightly colored, detailed fairy tattoo abounds in girlyness, but is also an alleged cover-up (supposedly, she had this tattoo done in order to cover up a tattoo affiliated with her ex, Charlie Sheen) One would never know it, however, due to the amazing handiwork done. If you like to indulge in your childhood desire to be Tinker Bell, you might be inspired by this tattoo.

Eliza Dushku Tattoo


Eliza Dushkus Double-Headed Eagle Tattoo

The double-headed eagle stands for courage, spiritual power and fearlessness, and Eliza Dushku obviously strives to embody these attributes by sporting a double-headed eagle tattoo on her back. Its small enough to be unobtrusive, but striking enough to get everyone’s attention.

Nicole Richie Ankle Tattoo


Nicole Richies Rosary Ankle Tattoo

According to tattoo artist Karina of One Shot Tattoo, Nicole Richie made the rosary ankle tattoo famous, causing hoards of patrons to want their very own. Its easy to see why the tattoo has style, grace, elegance, and edginess all rolled up in one.

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