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  • Faith and Tattoos: Which World Religions are OK with Tattoos?

    Posted on March 13 2020

    tattoos and religion do they get along?How do the world’s major religions view tattoos?  Not surprisingly the answers for each religion vary and are anything but simple.  There are nuances and exceptions to every rule and like everything else that involves religion much is subject to interpretation.  The following represents research on Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism and their take on tattoos.
  • Top Ten Tattoo Friendly Cities in the USA

    Posted on January 09 2020

    las vegas top ten tattoo friendly citiesSome people think tattoos are a work of art, others think their tacky. Regardless of your opinion they've become a huge part of popular culture. With over 45 million Americans sporting tattoos have you ever wondered which cities are considered the most tattoo-friendly? Total Beauty (.com) conducted a study; did your city make the list?
  • Tattooing Techniques From Around the World: Tools of the Trade

    Posted on October 24 2019

    tattooing techniques around the worldTattooing is an ancient practice that has been recorded in every culture across the world. It is today a very common sight and something that has become more and more socially accepted as the years have gone by. Where did it begin though and what are the techniques and methods used around the world? To understand tattooing techniques you must firstly understand the methods used to get the ink into the skin. 
  • Are Home Based Tattoo Artists Safe? What Everyone Should Know.

    Posted on September 12 2019

    home tattooing tattoo scratchers safe tattooingHome based tattooing is becoming more popular than ever.   Many artists like it because they don’t have to worry about the overhead costs of renting a space or working in a tattoo studio and customers like it because it’s less expensive.  While the money savings may be tempting, often people don’t know the dangers they are potentially putting themselves in by getting a home-based tattoo.
  • Glow In The Dark Tattoos: What Everyone Should Know

    Posted on August 27 2019

    what you should know about glow in the dark tattoos

    One of the most intriguing and lesser-known tattoos is the glow in the dark tattoo, a unique style of tattoo that is made with a special kind of ink that lights up at night. Unlike regular tattoos, which use ink made from metals, glow in the dark tattoos use phosphorus ink to achieve that nighttime glow and turn your skin into an artistic glow stick.