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  • Are Home Based Tattoo Artists Safe? What Everyone Should Know.

    Posted on September 12 2019

    home tattooing tattoo scratchers safe tattooingHome based tattooing is becoming more popular than ever.   Many artists like it because they don’t have to worry about the overhead costs of renting a space or working in a tattoo studio and customers like it because it’s less expensive.  While the money savings may be tempting, often people don’t know the dangers they are potentially putting themselves in by getting a home-based tattoo.
  • Glow In The Dark Tattoos: What Everyone Should Know

    Posted on August 27 2019

    what you should know about glow in the dark tattoos

    One of the most intriguing and lesser-known tattoos is the glow in the dark tattoo, a unique style of tattoo that is made with a special kind of ink that lights up at night. Unlike regular tattoos, which use ink made from metals, glow in the dark tattoos use phosphorus ink to achieve that nighttime glow and turn your skin into an artistic glow stick.

  • Tat2X Interview with Tattooed Model Nicole Elizabeth

    Posted on December 12 2018

    Tat2X Interview with Tattooed Model Nicole Elizabeth
    Tat2X:  How long have you been involved in modeling? Nicole Elizabeth: I started modeli...
  • 5 Things to Consider Before Getting Your First Tattoo

    Posted on December 06 2018

    things to consider when getting your first tattooIf you’re on the verge of getting your first tattoo – whether it’s an inch on your wrist or a series of different designs on your entire back – everything shouldn’t be done on impulse. Getting a tattoo should be planned down to the last detail. We’ve encapsulated the top 5 things to consider before getting your first tattoo.
  • Five Potential Side Effects of Getting a Tattoo

    Posted on October 18 2018

    Five Things to Think About When Getting a TattooSo regret is a potential side effect, but it’s not exactly a serious one. However, for millions of people tattoos are the ultimate in self expression and in some ways the human body is the ultimate canvas. Tattoo culture is now a prevalent part of our collective consciousness. Over 45 million people have tattoos in the U.S.  Anyone planning on getting a tattoo should consider all the pros and cons.