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Light Skin Tone Tattoo Cover Up Foot Sleeves (sold as a pair)

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"Ink Armor has helped me cover up and protect my ink at my job which doesn't allow visible tattoos!" Dental Assistant, Knoxville, Tennessee

Do you need to cover up or temporarily hide your foot or ankle tattoos for work or school? Our light skin tone foot and ankle cover is the perfect solution. There are zero visible logos and it even provides mild compression to reduce fatigue and soreness. Covering up tattoos is now made easy.

  • Light Skin Tone (conceal a foot tattoo)
  • Medium Compression (these are skin tone compression sleeves)
  • Sun Protection (blocks harmful UV rays protecting your tattoos)
  • Sold as a Pair (extremely competitive pricing for two sleeves)


  • Small Foot Sleeves (women's shoe size 5-7, men's shoe size 6)
  • Medium Foot Sleeves (women's shoe size 8-10, men's shoe size 7-9)
  • Large Foot Sleeves (women's shoe size 11-12, men's shoe size 10-11)

Cover Up Ankle and Foot Tattoos quickly with Ink Armor by Tat2X

Truth be told these are compression sleeves but they cover tattoos pretty well and come in a skin tone. We worked hard to find you a light skin tone cover that would help cover up top of foot and small ankle tattoos. Unlike our other Ink Armor sleeves these foot sleeves do not contain a no-slip gripper but they do have significant compression which will keep them in place. They are more of a fabric knit that our standard Ink Armor sleeves but they do still provide sun protection. There is no size chart because one size fits most although they would be closest to a medium size. Our ankle and foot covers can also reduce soreness if you're on your feet all day. Cover your tattoos and keep your job with Ink Armor!

Important Note: In order to protect the health and safety of our staff during social distancing we are unable to accept returns of our ankle tattoo covers. Thank you for your understanding.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Love it!

I love these. I'm a size 6 in Women's (regular, not wide) and these fit great. It was a little snug, so I snipped a few of the stitches to make it a tad stretchier and now it's perfect. I used to use a plantar fasciitis sleeve, but they made my shoes fit a little differently due to the padding. This sleeve is super slim and comfortable (it also prevents blisters from my heels! Score!) The actual foot part I'm able to roll down since it goes up to my toes, but I don't feel it at all. This is my third cover sleeve from Tat2X and they are all fantastic!

Thanks so much for the feedback!