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Teachers Cover Tattoos With Ink Armor Sleeves!

Ink Armor premium sleeves are the best way for teachers and faculty members to cover their tattoos temporarily. Many educational institutions have no visible tattoo policies in place for their staff members. We've been helping professional educators cover up their ink while teaching since 2008. Ink Armor sleeves come in a wide assortment of colors, styles and sizes and the best part is they are even Made in the USA. There's no need to draw flack from administrators, parents or other teachers. Cover up that tattoo quickly and easily with Ink Armor!

Teachers Cover Tattoos

Ink Armor Teachers and Faculty Customer Reviews

"I am so glad I found this site. I am a school teacher, and it is important to me to cover my ink at work. I have tried to find sleeves at other sites, and they all have logos on the products; since I wear semi-professional attire, it is tacky to have a bright logo on my arm. I am very excited to try out my sleeves and ankle covers. The site was easy to navigate, and it was clear how to choose sizing options. Thanks again." ~ Teacher, Texas

"I purchased your sleeves with not so great expectations in mind. I have purchased others and either they continually fall down, they are hot as hell to wear or they don't look anywhere near my skin tone. Imagine my delight when I first put one on and discovered they were none of the above. I work as an assistant coordinator for a well known University, and my job requires me to be around Ph. D's all day long and also having to suit up in protective gear when inspecting the labs (extremely hot). No one has noticed at all, as matter of fact I saw one of my fellow workers on the train and he was shocked that he had never been able to tell that I had a full sleeve. I purchased your full sleeve and the 3/4 length sleeve and couldn't be any happier with your product. Thank you for allowing me to wear short sleeves again in the workplace." ~ Assistant Coordinator, Pennsylvania



Thousands of Teachers Cover Their Tattoos at School with Ink Armor Every Day!

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