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Police Cover Tattoos While On Duty With Ink Armor Sleeves!

Many law enforcement agencies now require that the police cover tattoos. Banning visible tattoos while on duty is becoming a commonplace standard in law enforcement. Our Ink Armor sleeves come in a huge selection of styles, sizes and colors to fit every need. We proudly make them in the USA and our state of the art nylon/spandex fabric blend lets your skin breath when it’s hot or cold. Ink Armor tattoo covers also stay firmly in place. Thousands of law enforcement professionals already wear Ink Armor every day while on duty. We've got plenty of colors to match your uniform too!

Police Cover Tattoos

Ink Armor Law Enforcement Customer Reviews

"I am a police officer and the full sleeve cover does a great job covering my tattoos. I put it on and don't have to do anything to it until I take it off at the end of my shift. It is rugged and has held up well to constant abuse. I bought an extra as a backup but I have not had to use it yet." ~ Police Officer, Tennessee

"My law enforcement agency requires tattoos to be covered. Here in Texas, that can get hot in the summer with long sleeves. Ink Armor is amazing and I recommend it to any and all persons needing to cover tattoos for work. It took my Chief and some of my coworkers a few days to even realize I was wearing them... And they have seen my tats... How do you miss the fact that tattoos are all the suddenly gone? Because of this great product, that's how. Absolutely amazing!!!" ~ Police Officer, Texas



We proudly manufacture our Ink Armor sleeves in the USA! Many law enforcement and police professionals cover their tattoos with Ink Armor because they provide optimum quality and durability. Don't be fooled by cheap overseas imitations. Get the sleeve that's built to last... Ink Armor! Requiring law enforcement and police professionals to cover tattoos is now standard practice at many agencies. Try an Ink Armor sleeve today and stay in compliance with your no visible tattoo policy.

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