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Hotels/Resorts - No Tattoos In The Workplace Policies

Does the hotel or resort that you work for enforce a “no tattoos in the workplace” policy? Ink Armor sleeves can help you cover up your tattoos at work and they are even Made in the USA! A “no tattoos in the workplace” policy doesn’t mean you have to wear long sleeves in the heat. Ink Armor cover up sleeves are comfortable and come in a huge variety of colors and styles including skin tones as well as uniform colors like dark navy, black, brown and white. Thousands of hospitality workers wear our tattoo cover up sleeves to work every day. Don't even think about removing your tattoo... just use Ink Armor!

No Tattoos in The Workplace

Ink Armor Hospitality Worker Customer Reviews

"LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this product! I work at a hotel and have to look very prim and proper and definitely cannot show any tattoos and I have three visible tattoos, and the products at TAT2X are amazing and PERFECT! I was buying band-aids and spending so much money per week to cover all my tattoos. TAT2X saved me so much money! I WILL recommend it to others!" ~ Hotel Desk Clerk, California

"They are great! I would like to say that this product is very often asked about by others where I live and seems like there are many interests here. I live in Hawaii and currently work in luxury hotels which I have to hide my visible tattoos, and believe it or not I have a lot of people including guests that ask about these cover up sleeves! They are very professional looking and a great way to cover tattoos, thank you again!!!" ~ Hotel Bell Captain, Hawaii



No tattoos in the workplace? Thousands of hotel and hospitality professionals wear our Ink Armor sleeves every day in order to comply with the hotel staff tattoo policy in place.

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