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Ink Armor for No Tattoos at Work!

Do you need to cover tattoos at work? Ink Armor cover up sleeves by Tat2X can help you keep your job. Our premium quality sleeves are Made in the USA and even provide sun protection! Ink Armor is the best way to cover tattoos at work. Their superior craftsmanship and design make them the most comfortable and durable tattoo cover up sleeve available.

Ink Armor by Tat2X has helped thousands of people protect their ink from the sun and their boss. Ink Armor is the most comfortable way to cover tattoos at work. Our flat inseam, tagless design, stay cool fabric blend, elastic gripper and American craftsmanship all combine to make Ink Armor the premium brand!

Tat2X offers the largest selection of styles, colors and sizes around to choose from because we understand that one size does not fit all. No tattoos at work doesn’t mean you can’t still be stylish. Feel good about buying an American Made product and protect your ink while you’re at it. There's no need to think about painful laser removal when you can cover your tattoos your tattoos at work with our premium sleeves. Try an Ink Armor sleeve today!

Ink Armor for No Tattoos at Work!

Ink Armor Customer Reviews

"This was my first time buying a product to cover up a tattoo. My other tattoos are hidden, but my recent one is on my arm and I work for a company that does not allow tattoos to be shown. I would never want my job to interfere with me getting a piece of meaningful artwork and these sleeves allow me to be who I am but also keep my job (best of both worlds). The fit is great. I have very small wrists/forearms and the XS/S size fits perfectly. The light color looks good against my fair complexion. They are also very comfortable, as I was worried about the material irritating my skin but that is not the case at all. Also, they do not slide down my arm so I am not having to constantly worry about pulling it up. I would highly encourage people to purchase this product." ~ Sales Rep, Colorado

"This company really ROCKS!!! I just love the product. I am a professional Chef, and I have bought a lot of the 9 inch Tat covers, and I can't say enough how well they work...Keep up the good work guy's, we need a company like this for Tattooed guys like me..." ~ Chef, Rhode Island



No tattoos at work doesn't automatically mean removal is the only option. Thousands of professionals cover tattoos at work with our Ink Armor sleeves every day. No tattoos at work... We've got you covered!

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