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No Tattoos At School? Students Cover Up Their Tattoos With Ink Armor!

No tattoos allowed at school? Many students conceal their tattoos when they need to with Ink Armor. If your college, university or school doesn't allow visible ink then you've come to the right place. There is no more comfortable or durable tattoo cover up sleeve available and Ink Armor premium sleeves are even Made in the USA!

No tattoos at school doesn't mean you have to get rid of your ink. We've got you covered with our Ink Armor sleeves. Many nursing, law enforcement and educational academies do not allow visible ink. There's no need to even think about removal when you've got Ink Armor. Just slip on a sleeve and go!

No Tattoos at School

Ink Armor Student Customer Reviews

"I am a nursing student who spends a lot of time in clinical settings where visible tattoos are strictly forbidden. This hides my half sleeve tattoo completely under my scrubs and looks like an under shirt. Without this product I had to wear a long sleeve shirt all day and would sweat my butt off. Now I am comfortable and look professional. Ink Armor works great!" ~ Nursing Student, Virginia

"I am going through the Police Academy and have to keep my tattoos covered. This product works great and keeps me from having to wear long sleeve shirts in the heat. Ink Armor also works well with my skin color and is made out of great material. The seams have a rubber like material on them so they will not scratch your arm or annoy you. I have recommended this product to everyone in my class that needs to cover up tattoos. Five out of five stars!" ~ Police Academy, Texas



No Tattoos at School doesn't mean you need to remove them! Thousands of Students Conceal Tattoos Everyday with Ink Armor.

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