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No Tattoos in the Military? We've Got You Covered with Ink Armor!

Are you trying to comply with a military tattoo policy. Our Ink Armor sleeves can help you cover up your tattoos when needed. Ink Armor sleeves are super comfortable and come in a huge selection of styles, sizes and colors. They can help you comply with your existing military tattoo policy and they are even Made in the USA!

Ink Armor sleeves by Tat2X were designed specifically to help people cover up their tattoos. No tattoos in the Army doesn’t mean you have to have them removed. Our U.S. Made Ink Armor sleeves can help you comply with military tattoo policy. The fabric blend stays cool and the elastic gripper at the top of each sleeve keeps them firmly in place!

Tat2X provides a gigantic selection of arm sleeves to choose from. We have 18 colors, 11 styles and 4 sizes which add up to over 400 different tattoo cover up options. No tattoos in the Army, Air Force, Navy or Marines doesn't always mean removal. Ink Armor sleeves were designed by a Marine to provide you with optimum comfort and durability. Try Ink Armor today!

No Tattoos in the Military? We've Got You Covered with Ink Armor!

Ink Armor Military Customer Reviews

"I have NEVER received better customer service than I did from Tat2X. I needed an Ink Armor sleeve in Korea and you literally can't find them here. Unfortunately, they weren't shipping to South Korea. I emailed them, and within one day they changed their website to allow shipping to ROK. How cool is that? Plus the products are comfortable and stylish, and the muggy summers here would be terrible if I had to wear long sleeve shirts. Thanks so much!" ~ Military Officer, South Korea

"Finally replacing the one I've been wearing for over 3 years!! They are amazing and I love that they're Made in the USA!" ~ Navy, California



No tattoos in the army doesn't always mean removal. Thousands of military personnel wear our Ink Armor sleeves every day in order to comply with military tattoo policy.

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