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Chefs Cover Your Tattoos When You Need To With Ink Armor!

Ink Armor by Tat2X is the premium brand used by restaurant professionals to cover up their tattoos when they need to. Many chefs cover their tattoos with Ink Armor to protect their artwork from grease splatters and to keep their arms cool in the heat of the kitchen. Cooks also choose to hide their tattoos with Ink Armor because it stays in place all day long and the wide selection of color options is perfect for matching a uniform. If your restaurant makes you cover up there's no need for long sleeves and there's no need to fret. There is no better temporary tattoo cover up sleeve available than Ink Armor. Cooks hide your tattoos with Ink Armor today and see what a difference American Made Quality makes!

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Ink Armor Chef and Food Service Customer Reviews

"I ordered this to cover my arm tattoos while working in a restaurant kitchen, and this product has exceeded expectations. The size was exactly what the specs said they would be and fit comfy as can be. As a matter of fact, while working in front of a wood burning stove that reaches almost 750 degrees at times, my arms are the coolest thing on my body, which everyone around me finds incredible. I love them so much I plan on getting multiple colors and lengths in the future." ~ Chef, Virginia

"This company really ROCKS!!! I just love the product. I am a professional Chef, and I have bought a lot of the 9 inch Tat covers, and I can't say enough how well they work...Keep up the good work guy's, we need a company like this for Tattooed guys like me..." ~ Chef, Rhode Island



Chefs, cooks and restaurant staff all cover their tattoos when they need to with Ink Armor!

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